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Beat The Casinos At Their Own Games

Many people have been burned by ineffective gambling systems and, as a result, they have become quite disillusioned.  And who could blame them?  At least 95% of the gambling methods available have no chance of winning long term and most of them are outright scams.  Unscrupulous system sellers paint rosy pictures of easy riches when all the while what they are really selling is just the dream of success.

But there are some system developers who have legitimately and sincerely tried to produce a gambling system that is a winner. Unfortunately, they fail because they don't understand what it takes to develop a method that will actually win long term.  And, their lack of understanding is due, at least in part, to the fact that they are working from a wrong perspective.  They tend to have the gambler's mind set of acquiring easy riches without really putting forth much effort. Plus, there is another HUGE FACTOR that only a very few people in the world understand.  Some professional players are aware of it, but very few of them really understand it.  And those who do understand only do so because they have been exposed to my materials.

I began working with gambling systems back in 1977 and over the past 36 years I've seen and tried almost everything known to man.  At first I mostly discovered what wouldn't work, but eventually through hundreds of hours of research (and probably some divine intervention) I began to understand principles of beating games of chance that most others had failed to see.  The winning methods discussed on this web site are the result  of years of research and some surprising discoveries about the nature and tendencies of random numbers. If you know what tends to happen in a given circumstance or scenario, then that will give you a slight long term advantage over the casinos and that translates into WINNING PLAY!


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Baccarat Methods

Baccarat was James Bond’s game of choice.  But, it is no longer just for high rollers.  Many casinos now offer “Mini Bac” with its low table minimums.  There is also a hybrid of the original “Big Bac” (which caters to high rollers) and Mini Bac.  It is often called “Midi Bac”.

this, along with baccarat’s very low house edge, that has made this simple game very attractive to all gamblers, even those without large bankrolls. Baccarat is also becoming one of the games of choice for professional gamblers.

I’ve spent years developing professional level methods to beat this game long term.  Now, by using these methods (Three Dimensional Baccarat or 3-D V.2) a serious baccarat player, who has self discipline and patience, and who is willing to devote the time and effort, could multiply his bankroll many times over.

Imagine yourself eventually being able to hob-nob with the high rollers and take home hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars per day playing baccarat!

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Guru Craps

Craps is one of the most exciting games in the casino, especially when a shooter is on a hot roll.  With each roll of the dice players are cheering  with excitement,

money is being thrown at the dealers while bets are yelled out!  It can be quite exciting as well as a wild spectacle.

A long hot roll at the dice table can net an aggressive player a lot of money in a short time.  Indeed many, if not most craps players, play for and pray for the hot roll.  But is this the best approach to the game?  

The unfortunate fact is that those who play for the big roll are destined to lose big money in the long run.

But what if you could walk up to any craps table at any time anywhere and feel confident that you were going to leave that table with a nice profit?  Click here to check out The Guru’s Professional Craps System and discover a different approach to the game that produces consistent profits session after session, even when the big hot roll never comes! 

System 6+ Roulette


The secrets to consistently

Beating the roulette wheel

Are revealed!!!  

Can the game of roulette be beaten even with its high house edge of 5.26%?  YES IT CAN!  Click on
System 6+ Roulette to find out how.

With today’s bad economy and the growing scarcity of good paying full time jobs, some adventurous players are considering becoming a professional (or semi- processional) gambler in order to augment their income.  This may be a viable option for some, however, let me warn you about some of the pitfalls.

There is a lot more to it than just buying one of my methods and putting in some study and practice time and then heading off to the casino to clean them out.

Like any other profession, there is a learning curve involved.  And, while one player might be able to grasp the methods and employ them and achieve a high level of success after only a few weeks time, another player might take months to achieve the same kind of success.

And let’s face another very real fact…not everyone is cut out to play professionally or even semi-professionally.  Some lack the self discipline to do what they know they should do or to quit when they should.  Some don’t have the proper emotional make-up to be a successful pro gambler.  When they lose a bet they think, “Wow!  I could have bought groceries or paid my light bill with that money.” :-) This mind set causes them to be overly cautious or to freeze up and play scared. That never works either.

Likewise, a person with an addictive personality should NEVER consider gambling from a professional perspective. In fact, he/she might be wise to not even gamble for fun. The person with an addictive personality who frequents a casino can look forward to heartache and pain in their future.  So, if you are the type person who can’t drink just one beer then go on about your business, my advice is to stay out of the casinos!

Successful pro gambling not only requires knowledge of your game of choice, it also requires real life experience in the work place (the casino).  While I can teach you an approach to craps, baccarat or roulette that will help you become a successful pro or semi-pro gambler, I can’t magically infuse the knowledge and understanding that can only come from experience. No young man or woman graduates from college and instantly becomes an over night success in their chosen field.  They have to work at it for awhile and learn the in’s and outs of their profession on a daily basis.  The same thing applies to pro gambling.  I can give you some do’s and don’ts and tell you some things to watch for, but until you’ve lived it and experienced it for yourself, there is nothing I can say or do to prepare you for everything you will encounter or even the emotional ups and downs. Even circumstances and playing conditions vary from one venue to another.

Being a professional gambler can be a great life if you are cut out for it and have the personality and self discipline for it. You work when you want to work and you don’t answer to anyone but yourself.

But just be aware that consistently beating the casinos is not as easy as some would have you believe.  Like anything else, ultimate success will require hard work and dedication!


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Disclaimer:  All forms of gambling involve risk.  You should only gamble with funds you can afford to lose.  We will not be responsible for any losses incurred while using our methods.

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