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Great News

For Baccarat Players!

Baccarat is a tough game to beat. In fact, it took me almost 2 years of intensive research and testing to finally come up with a system that was a long term winner. But once the doors of revelation and understanding were opened, a flood of ideas came forth and I was able to develop several viable winning approaches to the game. I’m going to talk a little about 2 of them here.

Despite what the so-called "Gambling Experts" may say, and despite what casino management themselves may believe, THE GAME OF BACCARAT CAN BE BEATEN ON A CONSISTENT BASIS!

Gamblers have been searching for winning systems for years, but have been disappointed time and time again. I myself spent thousands of dollars on worthless systems before finally realizing that if I was ever going to have a method that would consistently beat the game of baccarat I was going to have to develop it myself.  So, after almost 2 years of diligent effort and often much frustration, I finally understood the mistakes that practically all other system developers were making while also identifying the elements needed to beat this game long term. Those necessary winning ingredients are incorporated into all of my baccarat systems, two of which I will talk about here. And when I say, "winning ingredients", I'm mainly referring in this context to the physical method itself.  However, things like self- discipline, patience, and the willingness to devote time and effort to study and practice are also huge contributing factors that separate winners from losers.

Both of these fine systems discussed here track the shoe in unique ways.  Each system does it a little differently, but both are effective. Three Dimensional Baccarat and 3-D Bac Version 2 track 3 different aspects of the action in each shoe.  This makes for a highly superior bet selection method.


Three Dimensional Baccarat

If you are a conservative player who eschews progressions and wants to win using FLAT BETS ONLY, then Three Dimensional Baccarat could be the answer to your prayers.  If played correctly it has low volatility and doesn’t require a large bankroll.

Three Dimensional Baccarat tracks the shoe in 3 different ways, yet is not difficult to play.  It’s unique bet selection method is like a heat seeking missile that will put you on target and automatically have you betting with the shoe, often before you yourself can even see which way it is going.  This SUPERIOR BET SELECTION METHOD is one element that helps turn the tables on the casino.

Also there is a situation that develops in about 35% of the shoes you will play which will give you an opportunity to utilize your experience and skill in bet selection. No longer will you feel helpless and locked into a betting scheme that you know is losing but in order to "play the system" you have to make the bet anyhow. With Three Dimensional Baccarat, in these unique situations, you are given latitude to adjust your betting approach to accommodate what is happening in the shoe and take full advantage of the cycles and positive and negative deviations that almost always occur.  Just as a golfer needs more than one club to play effectively, Three Dimensional Baccarat gives you the option of using a couple of other bet selection tools. Partially because of these other tools that are incorporated into 3-D Bac, the player can achieve a long term advantage over the casino.  And that is why you can win using flat bets (betting the same amount each time).

Over the long haul for most players, Three Dimensional Baccarat will yield an average net profit (after subtracting losses and commissions) of around 2 units per shoe.  That is pretty fantastic for flat betting. But even better news is that as a player works with this system and gains experience, over time he may increase his average net winnings per shoe even more.  I have found that 3 units net profit per shoe is attainable.  

Many of my clients like Three Dimensional Baccarat because of its consistency and low volatility.  In fact, I think the largest draw down I’ve ever experienced was around 26 units.  That’s why I recommend about 50 units of lifetime bankroll to play it because I like to have about twice as much bankroll as I think I’ll probably need.  In addition, you never risk more than 10 units total on any one shoe.  And in the words of one client who plays this system almost everyday, "I'm amazed at how effective this system is day in and day out!"

So, whether you are professionally oriented or just want a good consistent method for occasional play, you may only find one system that is superior and that is:

Three Dimensional Baccarat

Version 2

After playing the original Three Dimensional Baccarat professionally for several months, I eventually got more inspiration and combined some aspects of another system I was working on with Three Dimensional Baccarat, then added a few other unique ideas, and the result was 3-D Bac Version 2.  I currently believe that, everything considered, this may possibly be one of the best gambling systems ever developed.  I feel qualified to make this statement because I think I’ve seen the majority of the heralded systems currently available.

3-D Bac Version 2 works by tracking 3 different elements of a shoe and these elements, interacting with and counter balancing one another, produce exceptional profits.  It is not a flat bet system, but it doesn’t exactly use a true progression either (at least not the way most people think of progressions).  It’s betting progression is sometimes negative, sometimes positive, and sometimes flat.  The progression is very controlled and the negative part seldom exceeds 3 units and never exceeds that amount in the Aggressive Mode.  The positive progression may go higher but it only advances as you win.

The system comes in two parts, the Basic Method and the Aggressive Mode. Basic method is the foundation upon which everything else is built.  It was designed to beat a shoe that is producing random patterns, and was developed by using a perfectly random model. Aggressive Mode deals with those long repetitive patterns that often arise and when all elements of the system are combined (both Basic and Aggressive) it becomes one of the most versatile methods imaginable.  Sizable wins of 20, 30 or even 40 units or more may occasionally be obtained when playing the full system, but the average win is between 4 and 8 units.

After testing hundreds of shoes using live data as well as computer generated data, and playing live for several years, I have found that the average net profit (after subtracting losses and commissions) for a skilled player should be between 4 and 5 units per shoe if not better. In fact, many of my clients report average net wins in excess of 5 units per shoe.  I have even experienced stretches of 20 shoes or more where I averaged 10 units net per shoe! The bottom line is that 3-D V.2 gives the player tremendous win potential and a very high ratio of return on investment compared to risk.

A lifetime bankroll of 125 to 150 units should be more than adequate and your buy-in per shoe is only 25 units.

3-D Bac Version 2 is a professional level system, but once you grasp all the concepts it is NOT DIFFICULT to play.  With some practice, you will be charting and arriving at your bet selection within a few seconds.

Although bet selection for the beginning player is mechanical, the method is designed in such a way as to make advanced levels of play possible.  So, as a player grows in experience and skill, he/she may be able to continue to increase his/her average net profit per shoe which means more earnings for the amount of time spent at the tables.

Another aspect of 3-D V.2 that makes it so versatile and valuable as a tool for serious baccarat players is the fact that it can be tuned to produce maximum profits at a specific casino (if that casino tends to produce shoes with certain identifiable shoe characteristics, and many do).

In summation, as far as systems available to the public go, I don’t believe you are going to find a better baccarat system for producing long term success than 3-D Bac Version 2.  Not only that, the system is sold with a limited guarantee.  Email me for specific details and any questions you might have.  

To purchase 3-D V.2 now, click here.


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In some James Bond movies, 007 is depicted playing European style baccarat.

About Baccarat

The word is pronounced bah-caw-rah, not back-a-rat, and it is a card game and has nothing to do with betting on rats.  The name “baccarat” came from an Italian word (baccara) meaning zero.  The name probably stuck because of the large number of zero value cards used in playing it.  All tens and face cards are counted as zero.

Most historians believe the game originated in Italy although the French would also like to lay claim to having invented it.  The exact date of its invention is also in dispute with some saying it first began to be played in the mid 1800’s having been a spin off of the French game of twenty-one which we now know as blackjack.  But the majority consensus is that a gambler in Italy by the name of Felix Falguire actually invented it, then it was adopted and gained great popularity among the French nobility in the 1490’s.  An early version of the game was probably played during the middle ages using Tarot cards.

The game that was so popular with the French nobility is actually called Chemin de fer and it is still played in some European casinos.  It is very much like the game of baccarat found in casinos around the world except the players take turns acting as the Banker and they bet against each other instead of against the house.  (This is how the two sides in regular baccarat came to be known as Player and Banker.)  Also, some of the drawing rules are optional whereas with regular baccarat they are written in stone and cannot be varied.  When Chemin de fer is played in a casino, the house supervises the game and takes a cut of the action but doesn’t back either the Banker or the Player side.

From the casino viewpoint, regular baccarat is preferable to Chemin de fer because it can be played with only one player at the table whereas Chemin de fer requires at least two.

Baccarat was first introduced into North America in the 1950’s at the Dunes Casino in Las Vegas.  The story is told that Frank Sinatra had played the game while visiting Europe and became very enamored with it.  At his insistence, the Dunes, where Frank was a frequent performer, began to offer the game more in an effort to please Mr. Sinatra than anything else.  

Also, a casino employee, who claims he was there and witnessed the encounter, states that the casino set the game up in a garish and tasteless fashion.  When Mr. Sinatra saw it, he accused them of making it look like a brothel (except he used more vivid terms).  That is how what has come to be known in American casinos as “Big Bac” came to be played in an area apart from the regular casino where the furnishings are lavish and the dealers dress in tuxedos and evening dresses which more closely emulates the European game.

While Big Bac is played at a huge table that seats up to 14 players and the shoe is passed around from player to player as they take turns dealing the cards, Mini Bac is played at a much smaller table that usually seats no more than 8 players.  In Mini Bac, there is only one dealer who handles everything.  He not only settles all the bets but deals all the cards and announces the winning side.  The players never touch the cards.  Also, minimum bets tend to be much lower in the faster paced game of Mini Bac whereas Big Bac is tailored more to attract high rollers.

In more recent years, spin-off’s of the original Big Bac have appeared in casinos in the USA.  There is “Midi Bac”, which is a hybrid or cross between Big Bac and Mini Bac.  There are “no commission” games like Dragon 7 and others where the house extracts its vig by not paying on certain Banker wins, or only paying half the amount bet.  

Baccarat is a very easy game to play, perhaps the easiest of all casino games except slots.  You don’t have to know the rules that govern the hitting and standing, all you have to do is decide whether you want to bet on Player, Banker or Tie.  

Winning Banker and Player bets pay even money and are considered to be almost a 50/50 proposition although in reality the Banker does have a slight advantage.  But in the traditional game that advantage is pretty much negated because the house charges a 5% commission on all winning Banker bets.

The Tie bet pays 8 to 1 if you win it, but the high house edge on tie bets causes most knowledgeable players to steer clear of it.  However, if you stick to just betting on Player or Bank, the game of baccarat has the lowest house advantage of all casino games except for perhaps a blackjack game where house rules are favorable.

Big Bac is played in an area apart from the main casino and features lavish surroundings.

The Guru




Personally, when I go to a web site and see a bunch of testimonials, I don’t put much stock in them. Usually it is obvious that they are fake or made up and it sounds like the same person wrote all of them.

For these reasons, I did not include any testimonials on my old web site. However, other people who know a lot more about web sites than I do, have insisted that I should include some on this new site.  I finally gave in and posted a few below.

Please know that I give you my word that these testimonials are real.  I did change a name here and there to protect the anonymity of some individuals.

Testimonials can be found below.


Hi Guru,

Not sure if you remember me but I purchased 3-D V2 awhile ago. Just thought I would touch base with you. I have done well with the methods and it is hard to believe I am winning. Did not play much in the winter but hope to play a couple of times a week.

Last time I checked I am up almost three hundred units. I like to give back so I donated some of the money to a local charity called the Jimmey Fund (children with cancer).

Hope all is well


Hey Guru.

What a week, made some mistakes but at the end of the week I was like an old pro. It would of made you feel proud. I played a total of 10 shoes with a net profit of 52 units. I am going up to $25 units this week slowly building up to $100.

Have a great week.


Your systems are amazing to me and the idea that you are actually developing ways to improve this baccarat method is remarkable in and of itself. It clearly is a credit to You intellectually as well as in displaying the integrity that you have in doing your research in such a thoroughly intimidating area such as card and table games of chance. You're astounding
to the small player such as myself or any high roller that I have ever seen because of your energy, curiosity and willingness to adhere to a hypothesis that merits testing and tuning without putting your ego or money on the line until you have accurate information and data to support your efforts.

I can remember when I was a young person in graduate school, feeling as though science was "screwing" up my best ideas :) As I grew to understand how the scientific method could actually enhance my studies and observations
of art forms such as psychology and human services, I began to embrace the process. I have not been this impressed with the work of anyone using a disciplined approach to investigate an area of expertise since I worked in the inner city community with "change agents" through the church and higher education systems trying to develop the means to improve the quality of life for underprivileged families. As such I feel privileged to have you mentoring me personally in an area that is essential to my being productive and my ability to function more independently as I grow to feel more competent once again. So, at the risk of sounding redundant and possibly patronizing, I'm moved to THANK YOU again and express how you have emotionally and spiritually touched me and my life. THANX!!!! :)

Have a great day and feel Blessed because you certainly are and you have helped cause me to feel the same...

Warmest Regards,
Bob E.

Hi Guru,

Thanks. The system is doing very well. Like your other systems, it is well-written and detailed. After 13 shoes the system is up 87 units. I'll keep you posted.

Thanks again,


I have heard from some people good things about your systems and how they use them whenever they go to the casino to make a steady profit just about EVERY TIME. That is why I am so interested in them. It is more the ideas I hope to get from them and see if I can't myself try to improve them further or see if they could help me with some ideas I have.

Friday is the day I will try to send the money order to you.


Hi Guru,

At this point I have only managed to test 15 shoes of
baccarat with 3D Bac averaging 4.6 units net.

I would have liked to have done a whole lot more, at
the moment though job hunting have to take priority.

Is your new craps system developing as you hope?

Best regards,


Hi Guru,

Just got back from the cruise ship..was there with family & in-laws for 3 days 2 nites.....i did not play on the first nite, but on the second nite are my results and observations:-)

I played only 2 shoes which lasted about 3 hours;

1. I started off at the mini-bac table, where all played cards were
re-inserted into the card shuffler, leading to an almost continuous sequence of games. At the table, i played about 80 games continuously (
he means decisions),

and Version 2 worked very well. I quit when i was up about 35 units, and took a short rest.

2. I then sat at a big bac table, and again played ver 2. Again, i did well, and after about 50 games, i was up about 25 units.

In about 3 hours, i had made 60 units, and with only an initial buyin of 10 units. The following are my observations, please feel free to comment on it:-)
Mini-bacc gives the ver 2 player a better chance, as the deck is
continuously reshuffling, leading to mostly choppy shoes every time. It was amazing, when the rest of the players at the mini-bac table started to actually follow my play, when they were losing initially.

Last but not least, i found this way of playing stress-free, fun,
and most importantly, very profitable. Finally, I am glad i bought your systems, and have found a proper way to play and WIN consistently!!!

Thank you always for your continuous support, and God bless always!

Your friend

Got to run, Thanks again for 3D it is well worth your asking price,and as a matter of fact...... A STEAL!



This new Bac method is going well in practice 40 shoes 36 wins + 317.35 NET UNITS for a 7.93 net per shoe.

Stay in touch as I will. Take care , hope all is


I am please to let you know I played 20 shoes so far and averaged a little less than 5 units per shoe after commissions. Twenty shoes is not enough to make any long term predictions but it is very encouraging. Please keep me advised
if you make any improvements or updates to this system. Do you think
this system would work at the craps table playing pass/don't pass? I hope to go to Nevada and play baccarat some time between December and March.

                                                        Lenny ..…


Thanks for the reply. Regarding the update I am curious to know if you use the

same bet selection process at 3DV2 that I am presently using or if it will be necessary to learn a new one? Also the last 20 shoes I tested I averaged over

7 units per shoe. I tested over shoes 71 to 90 in the Zumma mini bac tester book.

So far the result are great!




I thought that I would give you an update on my bac play using your system

last weekend. I played 2 sessions and won both with wins of 22 and 26 units.

I played 8 shoes. So, the average of 6 per shoe net...close to what you

have experienced. I was very pleased.


Derrick W.


Just a note to let you know I have 3-D Bacc

down and am playing it regularly. It does a

terrific job of identifying runs - that's when

things really shape up nicely. Thanks for

a great system.


Hello Guru,

Thanks for the help on my question, it did clear up a few things for me. I want to tell you that I am doing wonderful with your system, I am winning about $300 a day now and some days I win more then that. I was just wondering why would you ever want to sell this system, I think if I invented this system I would find it very hard to sell it to anybody. Dose this system truly give you a edge over the casino of 5% to 7% if it dose then I feel I have found the pot of gold under the rainbow.

Thanks for your help once again,


Dear Master Guru,

I guess is time for me to update you how I progress playing your 3D Baccarat Ver 2 system on Genting Casino's table last week. I started playing a small S$50 per unit, out of the 10 shoes i played throughout the first day, 2 good shoes together help me to win over 50 plus units while some of the shoes are struggling and I quit halfway losing only a few units. Over all, your system helps me to get over with 70 units plus profit throughout the 2-night stay at the casino. The problem with this Genting Casino at Malaysia is always too crowded at the mini bac tables when these card tables are good for collecting points for free hotel rooms. For every new game, I waited patiently for a fresh shoe to start with and it is not easy to get a sit. For this visit, I am merely trying to play live with your 3D Bac 2 system and the results really impress me. Unfortunately, I have no more patience crowding near the bac tables. So I tried my luck betting "Tai Sai" with my wife when I lost back all the hard earn winnings from the bac tables, including my bankroll of S$5000 in less than 1 half hour. This is another good lesson for me playing impulse when human are never satisfied with small winnings. I am signing up as a VIP member with a min deposit of front money in this casino as the program gives free room stays and exclusive gaming at the VIP rooms. This way I can play comfortablely with your system and baccarat can be a enjoyable game when the plus units keep increasing in the chart after few progression.

Master Guru, Thank you very much for sharing such a great betting systems!

Kind Regards,
Lee T.


3-D V2 is awsome!

Thanks for the tips. Now I understand why I have not made any money playing baccarat before. The system that I've been using is the basic "follow the leader, go with the flow" system. I have personally played over 100 shoes with it and have lost money. It was very hard to catch the steaks at the right time, even though they were lots of them in one shoe. And when they did come (sometimes in mupltiples), it was usually after my 10 units drawdown...right after I've already quit! In my experience, most of the shoes I've played in Reno and Vegas are both choppy and have a good amount of steaks per shoe, so I think 3-D V2 should do really well no matter what.

Thank you Guru!


Version one is so good, I just got the other one. send it to me in due course. Thanks

Steve L.

Hi Guru, and I want to thank you from a sincere and grateful heart for your return email to me. For you to write me in such a kind, understanding, and personal way, is truly appreciated, very much. Thank you Guru ;-) Things do happen for a reason sometimes, and then some things happen that we will never know. While I do have a spiritual side to me, I like to try and keep my "head in the clouds, and feet on the ground." Balance, I have found, is the healthy key. I played 3D-Bac V2 tonight, for the first time, on a gambling boat that goes out of Miami, here, where I live. They have two baccarat tables, 10.00 minimum, and I played it at 15.00 units. I played four shoes in a row, (which the last one didn't finish because of the time the boat had to be back in at dock, but the shoe was 3/4 of the way finished). first shoe I won 1 unit, second shoe I won 1 unit.......conservative enough?
Third shoe I won 18 units, and fourth shoe I won 4 units. Four shoes, +24 units.......6 per shoe average, just like the "Master" who created 3D bac, said his goal was ;-) Even though on the boat, they deal at a brisk pace, I had no problem keeping up. I honestly have tried several systems before, (even a few I tried to create) and yes I know I won tonight.......but I honestly have to say, I have never played a system that flowed together so easily, and I will say the delight, enjoyment, and
of course most important of all.....WINNING! I sincerely want to thank you again, not only for your kindness and understanding and patience, but also.........your friendship........which is more important than anything else. I will also be a highly skilled representative of your 3-D Bac. V. 2 .......and to that and to highest regards........
gratefully...... (Randy)

Hi Guru, here in Miami we have two boats that have baccarat. Both have 10.00 min. and 300.00 max. In Ft. Lauderdale there is about three or boats, I am not sure, I know one has bac, 25.00 min, and 500.00 max. I went out today on
the same boat as last night, and played four shoes, and won 27 units. Obviously I am very happy about that. First shoe won 1 unit, second shoe won 7, third shoe won 15, fourth shoe won 4. I am using the Aggressive method of
3-D bac vs.2

Today when I was playing, doing the tally sheet etc, an oriental guy sat next to me, he saw that I was winning a few bets, (now think in the best oriental voice that you can) he said to me......."ahhhh, cumpewter wooking" then he
followed me in his bets, won a few, and then starting losing a few.....he then said....."ahhh, cumpewter stop wooking" lol I nearly fell on the floor laughing so hard. I want to thank you again for your help, and also providing your system in bac......I really do like it. I won't try to take up much of your time, as I am sure you are busy, but I would simply like to
keep you informed of how I am doing using 3-D bac vs.2 I hope you had a great weekend......thanks for making mine great........ Randy


I thought I had version 2 down. You are correct that you should do at least 30 shoes before playing live. I did about 12 practice shoes and had no problem but in the casino it is a lot different. Especially on a mini-bac table that is not full. I did play on a big bac table and it sure was easier but once in a while I made mistakes. The big bac table in Reno at the Silver Legacy had a $10 minimum. My big mistakes were neglecting the xxxxxxx xxxxxx. Sometimes I would forget to look at it or mark it. Why I did not start playing when I bought the system about a year ago was I tried it in Vegas and go so mix up with it I just said I can't do. Then you came out with the aggressive method and it was little bit more difficult. So I went back to what I was doing but got tired of losing.

Here are my results from Lake Tahoe and Reno. In 9 shoes I won 94 units. I lost the last shoe I played because I should of never played but there was no one at the table and I played the no bets also with the same amount of my bets $10 and lost 10 units right away so I left and went to bed. I knew in the morning we were leaving early and I was not going to play. I will not do that again because I would of won 104 units in 8 shoes. Here are my results. +8,+6,+9,+16,+16,+12,+34,+8,-10 all in that order. The table I won 34 units I was down 14 units playing the xxxxxxx xxxxxx and when I got back to 0 since I was winning overall I kept playing but stop playing in xxxxxxx after the 2nd loss then went back to the orginal.

Thank you for all the help. In fact I am going back to Reno on July 22 & 23 to beat them again. I was playing $10 units where I usually play $25 units but I think when I go back I will stick at $10 units or go to $15 units. What is your opinion on that.

I just want to say I think you have a winner. Half the time I was down 6 or more units and came back to beat them.


(Copied to me from a friend of Will’s)


Thanks allot for your input. I really appreciate it. I went and purchased the 3D aggressive method and found it to be a great method. You were right it does take allot of practice and right now I have practiced on about forty shoes and expect to be going to the casino in about a week or so. You really do start to get a feel for this method after awhile and I would say it is the best mehod I have seen. How was your trip to Lake Tahoe? I have never been but I have heard it is beautiful.

Thanks All Your Help,


Your "analytical" mind simply blows me away !!!
I don't know what your IQ is but you missed your calling and I'll not ever challenge your knowledge !!!
The only word of expression I have is: UNCANNY!
The next time we're together I'll bring a bankroll for both of us -- you track, I'll play, we'll split the profit -- if there's a financial loss, I'll take the hit from my pocketbook !!!
Be well. Be safe.